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Not all silver amalgam fillings need replacing, but when their margins break and the minor metals in the amalgam mix break down, they should be replaced. Some teeth may even begin to darken. In this case, the molar tooth was doing just this and the tooth was becoming sensitive because of the ill-fitting silver amalgam. Today’s modern, stable and sophisticated white resin composite is a restoration of choice for my practice.

This patient had gum line cavities and eroded enamel on the chewing surface. The other tooth structure was sound and healthy. In this case, composite veneer laminates are a great way to solve a number of issues including decay removal as well as improve the shape and color. This was a true smile make-over and gave the patient confidence she did not have to smile widely at social events.

This patient took a bat to the face as a boy and over time his tooth turned black as the tooth died from the inside. Many people can have root canals and crown to fix this problem but when the nerve responds by actually eroding the tooth from the inside out, as was this case, the only alternative is extraction. The patient was not interested in implants so we created this beautiful anterior bridge.

“Nothing feels better than clean, polished teeth...there is no awful aching afterwards for a day either. I drive 25 miles to my dentist for a reason.”

– Beth

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