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At Grand River Dental, your dental health is our top priority. We're a locally operated practice that takes the time to get to know you. You're in good hands. Dr. Rondeau and our certified staff will do everything they can to make sure your visit to the dentist is pleasant and enjoyable.


Oral cancer is a serious and life threatening oral disease, but detecting it's developing stages can be very difficult. One of every four people who suffer from oral cancer do not smoke or show any other risk factors. Oral cancer originates in the oral tissue, so even if you wear dentures, there is still a possibility you could develop it.


The early stages must be detected within the first 5 years in order to maximize your chance of recovery. That's why it's so important to have regular oral examinations. As a standard of care, Dr. Rondeau will routinely check of signs of oral cancer during every cleaning appointment.

The Dangers Of Oral Cancer

A regular oral examination is more important than you may think. We know that life can be busy at times, but you must not neglect your dental health. Most dental complications, ranging from cavities to the early stages of oral cancer, can be prevented or at least detected early on by a simple oral screening.


Contact Grand River Dental today to schedule your oral examination with Dr. Rondeau. We do a complete examination of your neck, throat, chin, jaws, lips, and your entire mouth to detect any kind of complications in the development or early stages. We'll let you know what might be happening, and what you can do to prevent it.

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